Akame ga Kill! PC Game (Team Selection Screen Only)

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd do something a little different. I decided to begin working on a game, this title screen was more of a mini project to allow me to decide if I want to work on creating a game based off of Akame ga Kill!

There are many things a game based off of the anime/manga could feature and I've decided that I will work on it. Gameplay will be uploaded within the month.

If you have any suggestions about the game, or which videos I should upload, please state them in the comments.

I'll be discussing the kind of features that the game will have in the next Akame ga Kill! game episode. Thanks! 🙂


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  1. abdullah alammary
    abdullah alammary 12 January, 2015, 13:06

    Its a very good ideai to make a game for this anime espacilly there is no
    game for it , also the anime has too many fans so i guss it will be a great
    deal .

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  2. GameMaster Junior
    GameMaster Junior 12 January, 2015, 13:06

    Hey what happened to the game man? I’ve been waiting ever since you put
    this video up because you said you were gonna make the game in one month
    but what happened? Did you quit? Please inform me if so.

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    HEROIC X GAMER 12 January, 2015, 13:06

    Please inform us sir 

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