Back to the Future: The Game Walkthrough – Episode 1: Part 4 – Young Emmett Brown [English]

In this part we need to convice young Emmett Brown to help us with Rocket Power drill.

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This is the 4th part of a gameplay walkthrough of Back to the Future: The game for the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. Played on the PC.

Thank you for watching this video, i hope you enjoy rest to come.

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games

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  1. Oscar Tellez
    Oscar Tellez 18 January, 2015, 08:48

    @jdmikeg4 hold x while walking a bit behind emmet and marty will record.

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  2. Ernesto87
    Ernesto87 18 January, 2015, 08:48

    “What are you looking at, Butthead”

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  3. jdmikeg4
    jdmikeg4 18 January, 2015, 08:48

    I have the PS3 version but cannot figure out how to use the tape

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  4. 625georgebye
    625georgebye 18 January, 2015, 08:48

    this would make a good movie

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  5. AwildaM3
    AwildaM3 18 January, 2015, 08:48

    this game is like back to the future part 4

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