Boop | My First PC Multiplayer Game! (ADD ME!)

Welcome to PLAYtheGAMEcentral. In this video, Boop shows off his first game on multiplayer, scoring a respectable 21-7. Remember to add him on Steam at Booperdee53, and make him feel like he has friends! Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video!

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Categories: Multiplayer Games


  1. Skate2Crew
    Skate2Crew 5 January, 2015, 12:08

    and do some portal

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  2. Vertigo
    Vertigo 5 January, 2015, 12:08


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  3. reef ossandon
    reef ossandon 5 January, 2015, 12:08

    this makes consoles look like crap

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  4. Austronaut Sloth
    Austronaut Sloth 5 January, 2015, 12:08

    I really love 90 FoV

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  5. Zombie_Prodigy1
    Zombie_Prodigy1 5 January, 2015, 12:08


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