Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review ft. Marisha Ray | Hot Pepper Gaming

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Marisha Ray, actress/host/writer/generally nice person who we liked hanging out with, eats a habanero pepper and reviews the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remake! She also shows off her sick dance moves. You go, Marisha

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  1. Connor Fineran
    Connor Fineran 15 January, 2015, 23:33

    Is she a natural redhead? Because that’s insanely attractive!

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  2. OkYouAreAmazing
    OkYouAreAmazing 15 January, 2015, 23:33

    the editors seem to really enjoy there work. 

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  3. CulturalFiend
    CulturalFiend 15 January, 2015, 23:33

    Wow that was hot.

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  4. BladeBlurX
    BladeBlurX 15 January, 2015, 23:33

    This can only mean one thing. Matt, you’re next.

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  5. KenStarSol
    KenStarSol 15 January, 2015, 23:33

    Please for the love of god guys get JonTron on here it would be gold.

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