How to get free xbox360 arcade games and DLC (using a usb) NON JTAG

here is Step By step video on how to get free arcade games and dlc for the xbox.

first things first,
I nor anyone apart of the YouTube channel RandomXpressionSJ take any credit for this method all work and accreditation goes to Ecko3351 and the rest of the Xbox360iso Arcade Team. Also i do not try to glorify any means of getting paid content for free, if you like the game please support the developers and buy the legit version.One more thing if by any chance Microsoft does find out about this i do not take blame to any suspensions or bans to your profile nor console, enjoy the video.

things you will need:
one xbox 360 formated usb drive or a transfer cable and hard drive
and a second controller to sign in with the modded profile.
1) winrar-
2b) modio (for those who prefer modio)-

Here is some information used in this video:
Ecko3351's profile:;

written tutorial:
1. sign up and register to, only if your already not a member
and then scroll down, once you have a membership(don't worry its all free)

2.look for a section in the forms(the whole site is forms so you will see it) scroll down to the Xbox360 download section.

3.then click on the category called "XBOX360 XBLA and DLC - Non JTAG"
it will redirect you to a sub form with all the arcade titles and dlc you want,

4.just search through the different threads and then download what you want.

5.transfer the user profile and game to your memory storage of choice.

6. load it up on your xbox then enjoy.

furthered detailed way to upload content to a usb +rep to McQueeny
Putting the downloaded files onto your USB;
1. Sync your USB onto your Xbox.
2. Move a gamertag from your Xbox 360's Hardrive to your USB.
3. Plug your USB into your computer and open up USB Xtaf.
4. In USB Xtaf, select the 'File' and then click 'Open First USB Drive'
5. In the smaller box on USB Xtaf select 'Data Partition' and then click 'Content'
6. In the larger box, right-click and make a new folder called "0000000000000000" (16 Zeros)
7. Open the new folder and drag the DLC into the new folder (It will be the folder that has the smallest name).
8. Once you have moved the DLC into the new folder, go back into the main content folder and drag the folder with the longer name into the Content folder. (The content folder should already contain a folder that has the gamertag you moved from your Xbox's Hardrive to your USB)

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  1. jackmoody1999
    jackmoody1999 9 December, 2014, 09:13

    does anyone have xbox 360 bo1 if u do i give u gta5 for bo1

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  2. NinjaMan5142
    NinjaMan5142 9 December, 2014, 09:13

    Ok everyone, don’t share accounts because you can’t have others download
    the saves, it doesn’t work like that, they will just steal your account,

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  3. juniorsashackzz
    juniorsashackzz 9 December, 2014, 09:13

    Megaupload… R.I.P

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  4. mike snyder
    mike snyder 9 December, 2014, 09:13

    hey dude the account u said download is dead

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  5. William Owen
    William Owen 9 December, 2014, 09:13

    do i need internet connections to get the updates for the dlcs 

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