The Most Awkward Speedrun Ever – Tomba 2 (SGDQ 2014)

At least he got his excercise for the week.

The most awkward speedrun ever - tomba 2
This was done at SGDQ 2014 and will forever be remembered.
I would really prefer if you'd be queit
"I would really prefer if you'd be quiet" - SGDQ 2014

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  1. omypizza
    omypizza 1 February, 2015, 08:00

    Does anyone know who green jacket guy is. I really want to know if he has a
    twitch or if he just showed up there at random and no one knew who he was.

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  2. DFtoke
    DFtoke 1 February, 2015, 08:00

    I can’t watch shit like this , I want to but I cringe out! fuck , damn it!

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  3. Chubbajawa
    Chubbajawa 1 February, 2015, 08:00

    I think the intentions of both Chibi and Caveman are clear according to
    their responses videos. Chibi apologized and realized that his behavior
    wasn’t welcomed and to me, that’s a very mature thing to do. Caveman, on
    the other hand, didn’t really have any empathy for the other guy, he even
    threw oil on the fire by insulting him. Chibi was trying to be friendly and
    lighten up the mood, but Caveman just shut him down in a very harsh,
    unrespectful and mean way, a bit like a bully. I agree that Chibi made a
    huge mistake by trying to fit in a performance that wasn’t his own or a
    friend’s, but Caveman’s response was just cold and uncalled for.

    It’s a charity for fuck’s sake, just have fun and don’t take yourself too
    seriously. The people who watch just want to see very good gamers perform,
    they don’t expect a world record or anything.

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  4. Marlon Murilo Ramos Faria
    Marlon Murilo Ramos Faria 1 February, 2015, 08:00

    Pls don’t bring this idiot Cavemandcj again. Such a idiot person doesn’t
    deserve to be with excellent people like you.

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  5. Morkulv Athferion
    Morkulv Athferion 1 February, 2015, 08:00

    Wow, the runner was the most anti-social guy ever! XD I mean, the least you
    can do is at least be nice towards the kid.

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