[TRAILER] MLG Runner | MLG Action Game on GameJolt

The game on GameJolt:

MLG pros only m89! Get noscoped and smoke weed erryday. 420 blaze it, oh baby a triple. Try to get a high score, cuz NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT! Doritos and dew 4 lyfe.

But seriously, I'd appreciate it if you'd download my game and try it out. Leave a comment for suggestions. But I know that only MLG references will be seen in the comments. r8 5 stars m8! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your kids, tell your dog. I don't care who you tell, just gtfo and get a life. Jk I love you.


Sanic the derpy running Hedgehag.
Loud dubstep music.
Airhorns. Lot's of airhorns.
Falling Doritos!
Tactical mountain dew nukes.
Inspirational MLG sound effects.
eloomanatee! (Illuminati)
Dancing Snoop Dogg's
Ultimate replayability!

Use the left and right arrows to move side to side. Press the down arrow to stop moving. Avoid the doritos, mtn dew, illuminati, and weed. If you touch one of those suckers, you're not an MLG pro. It may look easy but it gets harder as you go on.

Have fun m89! Shrek is love, shrek is life.

-By Cade642.

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